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Galston Village Pharmacy now offering Pharmacy ID verification service

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Pharmacy ID verification service now available at Galston Village Pharmacy

Galston Village Pharmacy is pleased to now offer Pharmacy ID, a digital Verification of Identity Service. PharmacyID is the most secure system of identity verification in Australia. Identity theft and fraud is a increasing problem, and by using Pharmacy ID, you are able to verify your identity whilst still protecting it.

What is it used for?

Some of the situations where you could use Pharmacy ID include:

  • Online National Police Checks

  • ID cards for universities and TAFE

  • ID Cards for high risk work

  • Passport applications

  • Commercial identity checks

  • Corporate biometric ID authentication

PharmacyID is the only police checking service in Australia that does not require you to give them a copy of your identity documents.

How does it work?

  • Go to the web site

  • Complete an online application (using four documents from three categories) .

  • Receive a receipt which includes a bar code and details of nearest PharmacyID pharmacy.

  • Visit the pharmacy and present original I.D. documents

  • The pharmacy consultant will scan the bar code, and check and confirm your identification online

  • Your identity is verified and secure, as copies of your documents are never made.

If you have any questions about the Pharmacy ID process, feel free to speak to the friendly staff at Galston Village Pharmacy.

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