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Why bone strength matters - how to boost your bone health

Bone strength important for living a healthy life, as they provide the structure for your body. Bones change throughout your lifetime. Bone mass peaks when you reach your 30s, and as you get older more bone breaks down than is replaced. This causes bones to weaken. Weak bones is a particularly an issue for women. Bone mass cannot be replaced. Bones are living tissue, so decisions about bone health will make a difference.

How can I improve my bone strength?

There are some factors, such as genetics, that we can’t influence. However, there are some steps that you can take to minimise the loss of bone mass.

· Diet and exercise in your 20s and 30s – bone strengthening exercises and a calcium-rich diet, appropriate to your age

· Maintain Vitamin D levels at a normal, healthy range

Using supplements to support bone health

Using supplements can be a useful way of maintaining calcium and vitamin D levels. Calcium is stored in bones, and Vitamin D is required to help bones absorb calcium. Both calcium and vitamin D are necessary for bone health. 73% of women don’t get enough calcium in their diet. Vitamin D from food alone is difficult as 90% of Vitamin D is sourced from the Sun. It is estimated that 31% of Australian adults have inadequate Vitamin D.

Ostelin has a range of Bone Strength+ which has been designed to support Vitamin D intake. This will help maintain bone strength and provide your body with essential nutrients. The range includes:

· Ostelin Bone Strength + Magnesium

· Ostelin Bone Strength + Collagen

· Ostelin Bone Strength + Iron

60 tablets has a RRP of $19.95.

Taking care of your bones now will lead to improving your bone health. Stronger bones later in life will reduce the likelihood of broken and injured bones.

To find out more about supplements for bone health, visit Galston Village Pharmacy and speak to one of our helpful pharmacy staff.

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